Poppy Seed Strudel


The right balance of sweetness

The combination of Baka’s recipe for European Strudel (some people might call it: roll cake) and Australian Poppy Seeds makes for a great combination.

We think that we have just the right balance of sweetness to compliment (not overpower) the naturally bitter-tasting poppy seeds.

Our poppy seed filling is made from scratch – even down to freshly grinding the seeds to give it that unique flavour, which will be easy to do, as there is always more filling than dough in a Gala Bakery Poppy Seed Strudel.

This product is shipped frozen and can be merchandised either in your display counter for sales by the slice or whole on the shelf.

Eye-catching labelling helps to draw your customers in, clear packaging helps your customer see the quality of the product.

Sold frozen in a 500g size, Gala Bakery Strudels can be sold either cooked or frozen.

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INGREDIENTS: enriched wheat flour, sugar, poppy seed, water, eggs, yeast, canola oil, toasted wheat crumbs, marmalade, rum extract and, vanilla extract.

Gala Bakery European Style Poppy Seed Strudel

Nutrional Facts / Valuer Nutritive

Per / Par 50 grams

Amount % of Daily Value
Teneur % Valeur Quottidienne

Calories / Calories 170

Fat / Lipides 6 grams 9%
Saturated / Satures 1 grams 4%
+ Trans / Trans 0 mg
Cholesterol / Cholesterol 5 mg 0%

Sodium / Sodium 125 mg 5%

Carbohydrate / Glucides 27 grams 9%
Fibre / Fibres 2 grams 6%
Sugars / Sucres 15 grams 0%

Protein / Proteines 4 grams

Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0%
Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0%
Calcium / Calcium 15%
Iron / Fer 10%

Poppy Seed European Strudel

ALLERGY ALERT: This product contains wheat, milk, and eggs. This product may also contain traces of soya lecithin and tri-nuts (walnuts).