As long as the story goes back for Gala Bakery, that is how long the relationship has been nurtured with OMAFRA. From the beginning when we were just a small bakery looking into become a wholesaler to today where we are growing company with a presence in the market we are happy to say that without the support of the wonderful group of people representing this Ministry we would be nowhere close to where we are now.

With the OMAFRA assistance and help provided through training, funding and just the moral support we were HACCP Advantage certified within one year of opening our doors, and today GFSI certified. They continue to amaze with their efforts to further help, such as constantly inviting us to participate in various events such as exporting tradeshows, organizing less expensive space in already existing international shows and much more.

I would personally like to thank a few people that have been with us throughout our growing pains…

  • Athar Shah, Sector Specialist: Bakery, Cereal and Milling
  • Donna Sunter, Business Development Branch
  • Nadean Kennedy, Food Safety Program Coordinator
  • Karen Moore, Export Marketing Officer
  • Andrea Neill, Project Analyst Rural Programs Branch, Economic Development Division
  • George Borovilos, Director, Business Development Branch at OMAFRA
  • Christine Green., Manager, Program Operations Unit

Thank you!