The Burek Family

The traditional European pie

This is one of Gala Bakery’s signature creations. Burek (pronounced “BOO-rrek”) is a classic Eastern European “comfort food”.

Our round Burek is made from many layers of paper-thin, hand-tossed pastry then filled with either a sweet or savory filling. Twenty minutes in the oven to your table, serve this flaky pie just as you would a pizza.

A very versatile dish, Burek can be served for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and, Desert. You can serve it alone or dress it up. Try it once, and we are sure that you will have found your new comfort food.

Burek also has variety of potential food service applications:

  • Bakery / Deli Hot Table
  • Supermarket HMR Department
  • Appetizer or Side
  • Sold frozen in either 500g or 1Kg sizes, Gala Bakery Burek can be sold either cooked or frozen.
  • Be sure to try each of Gala Bakery’s three varieties of Burek: Apple, Cheese and, Spinach & Cheese.

If you are a retailer, deli, grocery store, or food service operator interested in carrying our products, please contact us.